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Nuberg is one the top notch engineering, procurement and construction company providing world class services to clients all over the world. The company is committed to provide the entire range of products to complete a life cycle of a turnkey project.

Feasibility Study

Nuberg Engineering assists client for their pre-project activities like conducting Feasibility Study, preparing Detailed Project Report or Budgeted Cost Estimation for their intended project.
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Process Design & Technology

Nuberg Engineering is in concord with EB Process Design to build hydrogen peroxide plants since 2006 and has successfully fulfilled all projects since then.
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Basic Engineering & Detail Engineering

Nuberg depends on its state-of-the-art technology to deliver engineering projects to our customers. Technology is the fuel for our business.
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Nuberg engineering is equipped with the latest facilities in procurement and supply of all goods and services necessary for the accomplishment of a particular project.
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Over the years, we've created many innovative in house techniques, some of which have been marked industry standards.
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Project Management

Backed by abundant experience in advanced software, Nuberg has redefined the concept of Project Management.
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